The ‘Short Tales‘ were primarily conceived as one-off little stories which did not merit their own printed title, but were valid entries into the archives as they portrayed aspects of the Solar System and individual interactions which further painted the backdrop to the main stories.

In many cases, these Short Tales were scribbled out in notebooks and A4 pads. Some were complete self-contained entities, but others were scraps of much bigger tales that are not quite ready to be unleashed into the woven fabric of the expanded universe – as there are things happening in the main titles which directly cause or affect their development. They are conceptual ideas for future Tales or Chronicles.

I’ve transposed a few to appear here for your enjoyment, and (time-permitting) will add to this repository as the days and weeks progress.

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Happy Christmas from 2274

The obligatory festive outing, 23rd Century style! Captain Maddox and Ezri have been tasked with delivering some Christmas cheer, but with the Martian orbital patrols standing in their way, it seems as though they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Luna Jim

One of the very first stories I scribbled out for the 23rd Century, Luna Jim has been repeatedly in receipt of positive acclaim from many readers during the time it has been posted online.
Even though I’ve published Children of Earth and Hijacked since this was written, I have to admit that Jim is still one of my favourite characters in the 23rd Century.

Unexpected Rendezvous

A small snippet of a story I was penning a short while back, but which has been put on hold for the time being, as there are elements within it which need time to develop through the telling of other stories, both in the Chronicles and Short Tales. One day it may evolve into something bigger, but for now I include it here under the category of Short Tales.